When you look at a map of Iceland you can see an animal like figure. In the West you have a hand stretching out to the sea with the famous glacier Snæfellsjökull at the end of it. On top of it you have the head, a peninsula generally referred to as the Westfjords where the landscape is shaped with dozens of deep fjords, valleys and high mountains. Lonely Planet, one of the world’s most famous travel guides, selected Westfjords on its top ten list over interesting places to see in the year of 2011.

There are several small towns in the West of Iceland. The biggest ones are Akranes, close to Reykjavík, with about six thousand inhabitants, and Ísafjörður in the North of the Westfjords, with over four thousand inhabitants. You can catch a daily flight between Reykjavík, the capital city, and Ísafjörður. Other major towns and villages in the area are for example Bolungarvík, Patreksfjörður, Stykkishólmur and Borgarnes.

The nature of the area is extraordinary and has many attractions. Breiðafjörður is a large fjord with a great number of islands, big and small. The largest of them being Flatey where there is a beautiful small village. A ferry sails regularly between Stykkishólmur in the Western peninsula and Brjánslækur in the South of Westfjords.

Among other attractions are Látrabjarg, a high reaching cliff by the Western shore of the Westfjords, Dynjandi, an impressive waterfall in the secluded Arnarfjörður fjord, and Hornstrandir, that is far North and has been a nature reserve since the year of 1975. The West has a colourful wildlife and magnificent landscape. Therefore it’s ideal for anyone who wants to go sightseeing.