Hidden gems in Iceland

Gullfoss, Geysir and Þingvellir are on just about everyone’s list. We’ve picked some of the less-obvious outdoor attractions across Iceland.

Back in 1965, a group of Apollo astronauts travelled to an unnamed canyon in the northern highlands of Iceland to train for the Moon. This canyon would later be named in honor of the astronauts, by one of the geologists who trained them in Iceland. Inside this narrow canyon, you will find a feature named “The Rose” that caught the eye of the astronauts.

Eider falls
About 8 minute drive south of Húsavík in North Iceland, you will find the little known Eider falls (Æðarfossar). The falls are stunning and can serve as a beautiful foreground when photographing the Northern Lights. But don’t forget to bring a flashlight to assist in lighting the scene.

Grótta Lighthouse
The picturesque lighthouse at Grótta is one of the hidden gems of the capital area. Located in the western part of the capital area, in the town of Seltjarnarnes, you will find this beautiful nature reserve with its rich birdlife. Access to the lighthouse is limited in May and June during the nesting season.