Keflavik Airport Terminal building and The Rainbow by Icelandic artist Ruri. Photo by Jason Eppink.

How to get to Iceland?

Being that Iceland is an island, the easiest and fastest way to get there is by air. Twenty-three airlines offer regularly scheduled flights from Europe and the US to four airports in Iceland. The main hub is Keflavík Airport, located about 30 miles (50 km) from the capital and largest city Reykjavík.

Airlines that fly to Iceland
Delta Airlines
Full list of airlines the offer flights to Iceland

Book domestic flights in Iceland
Air Iceland
Eagle Air Iceland

Sightseeing Flights in Iceland
Myflug Air
Eagle Air Iceland

Airports in Iceland
Keflavik Airport
Reykjavik Airport
Akureyri Airport
Isafjordur Airport
Egilsstadir Airport
Húsavík Airport
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